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‘Soft Closure’ of Utah Schools Extended through End of School Year

To continue momentum in flattening the COVID-19 curve, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and state education officials today announced the “soft closure” of schools will last through the end of the school year. Previously, it was anticipated Utah schools would re-open on May 1. Canyons remains committed to providing educational services and meals to students through the length of the soft closure, which now extends through Friday, May 29. Free grab-and-go sack lunches and breakfasts will still be available for curbside pick-up at 15 locations, and teachers will continue to support and guide students as they participate in distance learning. In line with health guidelines, Canyons teachers are still encouraged to work from home and a limited number of Canyons District employees will be at school buildings and the Canyons District Office. 

We recognize the extended dismissal of classes will give rise to questions about grading, graduation requirements, and previously-scheduled events and activities. The Canyons Board of Education and Administration are working on a plan to address these and other related questions. Once decisions specific to Canyons District schools and students have been made, this information will be sent to families via the Skylert emergency notification system and posted on the District’s website, If parents or patrons have additional questions or comments, they can send an email message to and a representative will be ready to assist. Thank you for your understanding and support as we work together to keep our communities healthy, safe, and learning.

Family Letter

April 3, 2020

Dear Lone Peak Family,

Congratulations, you have made it through your first full week of online instruction!  The last few weeks have been busy  and I am sure difficult as well.   On the home front, you have been busy working from home and teaching your children.  Neither are easy tasks.  At school we have been trying to problem solve remotely how to teach children, who are not yet independent learners, using a platform that requires some level of independence.  This is a task that neither side signed up for, but I know we can do it by supporting each other!

We know that it takes repetition for students to be able to learn new concepts. It is going to take your students multiple tries to learn how to learn online.  We know that this is going to be frustrating and time consuming for you.  Here are some words of encouragement and information to help keep you going!

*We expect the students to make mistakes- feel free to submit assignments with mistakes in them- mistakes are where the learning takes place and help our teachers know what the next step should be.

*Just do your best!  Complete what you can.  Don’t feel like you need to do schoolwork until 8 o’clock or even 5 0’clock each night. 

*Take breaks- when students are frustrated, send them to do a task, give them a brain break, make them run laps around your house.  You can come back to it later.

*When all else fails, have your student read books, have them write about the books on paper, have them complete math problems on paper. We know that sometimes the sites aren’t working well- nearly the whole nation is on them.

*The most important thing right now is emotional well-being.  When school is back in session, we will figure the rest out!  That is what our teachers are the best at!

Spring Break is now upon us!  You have made it!  We recommend that you take this time to relax with family, forget about school work, play games together, do outside (and socially distanced) activities together.  We will be ready on April 13th to continue teaching students.  Teachers will be happy to answer any questions for you at that time.  Until then, I have advised them to do the same as you.  We all need a time to recharge after this stressful few weeks!

Thanks to both families and teachers for all of your hard work!

With Love,

Ms. Stacy

Distance Learning Tips • Translators, Technical Assistance, and More!

We know distance learning is new to many of our families. But you’re not alone.

Public schools throughout the country — and the students and families they serve — are settling into a new normal as we heed calls for social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19. These are challenging and uncertain times for us all.

But as we dig into online lessons this week, remember the needs of your family will dictate what is manageable. If you, or your child, are feeling overwhelmed, or your circumstances don’t allow for the time needed to complete assignments, reach out to your child’s teacher or counselor to discuss ideas for managing and prioritizing the learning load. And if you’re in need of technical support to trouble-shoot Canvas or other computer-related issues, we can help! We also have interpreters on standby to aid those in need of translation services.

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