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Soft Closure Update from Ms. Stacy

Dear Lone Peak Family,

This has been a difficult letter for me to write for many reasons.  First and foremost, Monday’s announcement that school is continuing to be on “soft close” for the remainder of the school year has sent all of us into a grieving process.  The news was heartbreaking for us all.  We miss all of you so much and are looking forward to being able to see everyone again.  Secondly, the announcement meant that a great deal of problem-solving needed to begin to happen.  I know you have many questions and concerns.  I am hoping I can answer some of those questions for you today and promise to continue to give you answers as I get them.

Continued Learning

Our teachers will continue to provide online instruction for your students.  In addition, we are all trying to host online meetings with students in order to maintain connection between students and teachers.  We continue to adjust our instruction according to feedback as best as we can.  Sometimes teachers are hearing it is too much and other times we hear it is not enough.  Please know that you have my permission to adjust the time your students are spending each day on their work.  Do what you can.  Aim for about 20 minutes per day per subject area.  We know how difficult this is and the most important thing to all of us right now is our families’ well-being. 


As of right now, I don’t have an answer for how grades will be assigned for the end of the year.  As a staff, we are more focused on feedback than on grades. Please encourage your children to do as much as they can independently and submit it to us as-is so that our teachers can determine what help they might need.  Any gaps in learning can and will be addressed as soon as we can.   Again, our students’ well-being is the most important thing to us. 

5th Graders

Please know that we are thinking of our 5th graders and the rights of passage that they are missing right now.  PTA, myself and 5th grade teachers will work to find an alternative to 5th grade continuation.  Perhaps we can arrange for them to celebrate before school starts in the fall, or arrange a virtual continuation.  We also would love to do a virtual Egg Drop.  I am happy to crawl up to the top of the building and help that tradition continue.  We will work on a plan for this. 

Kindergarten Registration

I am still waiting for information from the district about Kindergarten Registration.  We are trying to create an online registration process.  We can do an orientation in the fall before school starts.  I will give you information as soon as I can.

Student Item Pick Up

Right now, I am working to gather student materials that have been left in the school.  We will be bagging up those items (in tote trays, on desks, in classrooms, art) on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Thursday and Friday of next week, we will arrange a drive-through pickup time for you to retrieve student personal items.  The building will be under construction (skylights are being installed) after that time- thus the quick turnaround.  On that day, you will also be asked to drop off any library books.  More details to come. 

Again, as soon as I have more information for you I will reach out again.  Please give my love to your families and know that you are ever in my thoughts!

With Love,

Tracy Stacy


Board of Education Selects Dr. Rick Robins as New Superintendent

The Canyons Board of Education is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Rick L. Robins as the next superintendent of the Canyons District.

During a special meeting held Tuesday, April 14, 2020, the seven-member Board of Education unanimously voted to approve the selection of Dr. Robins, a veteran educator and administrator, as the new chief executive of the 34,000-student district.

Dr. Robins’ appointment, effective July 1, 2020, comes after a two-month national search. Robins, currently the Superintendent of the Juab School District, will succeed Dr. Jim Briscoe, who retires June 30 after a 38-year career as an educator and administrator in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Utah. Dr. Briscoe announced his retirement plans on Jan. 14.

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