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Bus Information

Students do not need to apply to ride the bus as long as they are enrolled at the school and the address where they are living is eligible for that bus. Since routes can change over the summer, check your route a few days within the first day of school.

Bus Eligibility Locator

1. Select the Grade from the drop-down to get the correct bus, stop, and times. (For early-out Friday schedule, select “EDAY” on the Program drop-down.)
2. Follow the instructions to enter your address correctly.
3. Click on the address and then click on the school to see eligibility, stop times, locations and bus numbers.

  • Students may only ride their assigned bus and use their assigned stop.
  • Students who live outside Lone Peak boundaries may not ride a bus to or from school.
  • Parents of kindergarten/young students should always notify and confirm with the teacher in advance when there is a change to their student’s normal transportation.

For any Transportation issues, please call Dispatch at 801-826-5252.

Transportation Department Page

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