11515 South High Mesa Drive, Sandy, UT 84092

Busing Information

  • Students in grades 1st-5th whose addresses are eligible for transportation do not need to sign up for the bus. Simply show up 5-10 minutes early to your assigned stop.
  • Kindergarten students should notify the office and the teacher if they plan on riding the bus.
  • Students who live in Lone Peak boundaries but are not eligible for a bus may apply for a space-available permit.
  • Students on permit may NOT ride a bus to or from school.
  • Students may only ride on their assigned bus and stop.

Bus Eligibility Locator*

*Make sure to select the grade from the drop-down to get the correct bus, stop, and times
*For Kindergarten, select the following: KA, KP or any 1st-5th grade for All Day Supplemental K

For any Transportation issues, please call Dispatch at 801-826-5252.


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