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Bus Information

Bus Eligibility Locator*

  • Select the Grade from the drop-down to get the correct bus, stop, and times.
  • For Kindergarten, select the following: KA, KP or any 1st-5th grade for All Day Supplemental
  • Select “EDAY” on the Program drop-down for Friday early day schedule.

1st-5th Grade Students

Students in grades 1-5 whose addresses are eligible for transportation do not need to sign up for the bus. Simply show up 5-10 minutes early to your assigned stop.

Kindergarten Students
New kindergarten students who move in after the school year has started need to notify the office if they will be riding the bus.
If there is ever a change to Transportation, always notify the office or teacher.

Space-Available Permits
Students who live in Lone Peak boundaries but are not eligible for a bus may apply for a space-available permit.

Students on Permit
Students who live outside Lone Peak boundaries may NOT ride a bus to or from school.

Assigned Bus/Stop
Students may only ride on their assigned bus and stop.

For any Transportation issues, please call Dispatch at 801-826-5252.

Transportation Department Page

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