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Classroom Environment Requests 2021-2022

Each spring, in preparation for the following school year, teachers divide their classes into instructional groups designed to promote the most effective and balanced learning environment possible. These groups are based upon the teacher observation, current test results, curriculum grouping, student ability factors, the ratio of boys and girls, the individual ages of the students, other behavioral and social factors, and exceptional educational needs.

If you have specific requests, please use the form below to list any justifiable educational need that you would like us to take into consideration when placing your child. (Do not use this form to request AM or PM Kindergarten sessions. Instead, use the Kindergarten Session Preference Request 2021-2022.)

Careful consideration will be given to the classroom environment you describe that would benefit your child academically, socially, or emotionally. However, the most important factor in class placement is the make-up of the classroom as a whole so a culture conducive to learning can be created. While we would like to be able to honor specific requests for teachers, it is physically impossible to do so.

Therefore, please refrain from requesting teachers by name.

Classroom Environment Request Form 2021-2022

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