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Earthquake Update

Dear Lone Peak Family,

Because we have not had enough fun yet, add an earthquake to the challenges we can support each other through! I hope all are safe. At this point, we are not cleared to be in buildings so packet pick up has been postponed. I will let you know our new time as soon as I know! Stay safe! You can get the resources using the following link:

Letter from Ms. Stacy

March 17, 2020

Dear Lone Peak Family,

Thank you so much for being patient with us as we met as a staff and prepared materials for you to use with your children over the next two weeks. We appreciate your support and understanding moving forward. We are all being faced with unprecedented situations and I know together we can help to make this as smooth as possible for each other. I will try to keep you updated as information changes.

For the next two weeks, the district has prepared grade level review materials for you to use with your students. These materials can be found on the new district portal We encourage you to visit the portal and familiarize yourselves with the resources. If you let your teacher know that you preferred a hard copy, we made those copies for you. They can be picked up on Wednesday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. These packets will be in the front foyer of the school. Should the copies run out, you will need to let my lovely front office staff know and they will make a copy as quickly as possible. The resources in the packet are the student resource pages only (the entire packet including parent resources was comprised of nearly 125 pages and very overwhelming). You can access the parent resources on the portal should you need them. These resources explain strategies for you to use as a parent. Once again, these packets are review papers only. No packet will be collected or graded, no child will held accountable for the work. Cassie Walker has also created “to go” art supply packets should you want to pick one up. Chinese Immersion materials are being created as we speak. I hope to have them ready by the same time tomorrow.

In these two weeks, teachers are training and preparing in the event that we will need to continue education remotely. We have not had direction about this from the state to date but would rather be prepared than be caught without a plan. Our teachers have been really working hard to do the unexpected. During the two weeks, teachers will be available to answer questions about review packets via phone or email as needed. We do ask that you give them 24 hours to respond to you. The whole grade level team will be working together to answer any questions about this work. Some teachers have also sent out links to additional sites you can use. These are also optional.

Additionally, we would like to continue our morning meetings to the best of our ability. To do so, we will be using the ClassDojo app. ClassDojo allows teachers and students to post videos. Teachers will post a morning meeting question or read a book for their students. You are welcome to have your students respond if you want. Our primary goal with this is to continue the relationships we are building with our students and let them know how much we love them! If your students are answering, we ask that you help supervise them to ensure that responses are appropriate for the group.

Finally, Canyons District has updated all school websites to be more consistent. Our website address is still the same ( but now has a cleaner look and will be kept updated with factual and fun information. Please also “like” or follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to stay informed. All of the official Lone Peak Elementary accounts have our logo as the picture.

We truly love our Lone Peak Family!


Tracy Stacy


COVID-19 Action Plan and Updates

Is Spring Recess still happening as planned? Is the school year being extended to accommodate make-up days? What is Canyons doing to support at-home learning? The dismissal of all 50 CSD schools and programs as a preemptive measure to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 has generated a lot of questions, and it’s important that families know where they can go for timely information they can trust. Canyons District has created a web portal where students, parents and employees can find the latest announcements and developments. Government guidelines are changing rapidly, and we’ll updating our community on a regular basis, so please bookmark this link for future reference. The Canyons Board of Education and Administration wish to express appreciation for the community’s support and efforts and diligence of our employees as we pull together to keep our communities healthy and safe.

Canyons District’s COVID-19 Web Portal

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