School Emergency Procedure

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School Emergency Procedures

Lone Peak Elementary and Canyons School District are committed to providing a safe environment for students, staff, and parents.  We work closely with district and local safety officials to ensure preparedness for emergency situations. 


All elementary schools in Canyons School District participate in monthly drills to proactice routines and procedures to follow should an emergency arise. Drills include but are not limited to evacuation drills, lock down drills and shelter in place.  These drills are practiced so that students and staff as well as building visitors can be aware of procedures to ensure everyone's safety.  

How are Parents Notified in an Emergency?

Parents will be notified via Skylert by the district in case of an emergency.  Please make sure Skyward has your most up to date information.  This message will inform parents about any steps they need to take.

What if there is a LockDown or Shelter in Place?

Lock Down and Shelter In Place are both emergency procedures to ensure the safety of individuals in the school. 

A Lock Down occurs in an emergency situation where students and staff must seek safety within the building.  Students and staff (as well as any volunteers in the building) will be secured inside a clasroom or secure place in the building.  All exterior doors will be locked and no one will be permitter to enter the building during a  Lock Down.  During a lock down parents will not be permitted into the building and students will not be released to parents. No one will leave or enter the building until local authorities clear the action.

Shelter in Place occurs when a threat is possible but not imminent.  All exterior doors are locked in the event of an Shelter In Place order.  Classes and movement within the building will resume as normal but no one will be admitted to the buidling or permitted to leave the building unitl the shelter in place is lifted by local authorities.

What if my student is evacuated from the building?

Sometimes it may be deemed necessary to evacuate students to a secondary location. If students are evacuated from the building, you will recieve a Skylert message with reunification instructions. In this instance,  please keep in mind that students will only be released to an emergency contact as noted in Skyward and only with proper identification.

Staff members are trained annually on emergency procedures and are assigned specific roles and responsibilities to help ensure safety.

How else can parents help?

Please report any safety concerns or suspicious activity to your school principal!