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How Do I Help My Child "Master" the Standards on the New Report Card?

The Canyons Board of Education adopted a standards-based grading system for elementary school students, to begin in the 2013-2014 school year. Each student in grades K-5 will receive this new report card. To view specific standards from your child’s report card, as well as links to resources and helpful hints to help your child academically at home, please click on the following link: 



How Do I Help My Child With His/Her Math Homework When I Can't Explain It?

What Do I Do When My Child Forgets His/Her Math Book?

What Do I Do When My Child Says, "That's NOT How Mr./Mrs._________ Explained It!"

What Stories Are They Reading and What Reading Strategies Are They Working On?

These are questions that many of us have had, or even conversations that we have had with our children.  Although we may come up with the same answer when working on a math problem, there may be times when your child is confused or frustrated because the way their teacher explained it to them is different than the way you are trying to explain it.  This does NOT mean that you are wrong, or the teacher is wrong, it simply means that we each have different and unique ways of solvng problems.  If you ever run into this problem, you now have a very powerful resource at your fingertips.  Both the reading and math books that your child is using at school, as well as all of the short video clips their teacher uses to explain the concepts, are online and available for you to view with your child 24 hours a day.  Teachers also have the ability to assign homework on this site, which means they can access and complete their work at home.  Teachers may even administer unit tests on this site.  This allows you as the parent to log in and specifically see how your child did on that particular test or assignment.  Below you will find a .pdf document that walks you through the website step by step with screenshots.  You will also find the web address, the username, and the password for all students.

Pearson Realize Envision Math & Reading Street.pdf


Username:  Student ID (your child may have this memorized...if not, please contact his/her teacher for this number)

Password:  core@csd

 NEW!!!  Realize Platform Your child can access their Reading Street and Envision account.  


What Do I Need to Know About Online Safety for My Child?

Canyons School District and Lone Peak Elementary are genuinely concerned about all that your children may be exposed to on the Internet.  As times have changed, the way our children communicate with their peers has changed dramatically and often times we do not understand the jargon and bantor.  Students have also found a way to use modern technology to bully and treat others disrepectfully.   For specific information about this increasing problem, as well as links to resources and helpful hints to help your child safe online, please click on the following links: