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Health Conditions and Medication Policy

Health Conditions:

If your student has a health condition that the school needs to be aware of, please make sure to notate it during Back to School Registration under the Health Questionnaire step. School nurses can help create Emergency Healthcare Plans. 


  1. Students in elementary school are not allowed to carry or self-administer any medications while at school per CSD Policy. This includes over-the-counter as well as prescription medications.
    • Exceptions: There are certain life-saving medications that an elementary student is allowed to carry with the proper paperwork in place at the school. These are asthma inhalers, epi-pens, and diabetic supplies. A Canyons Medication Authorization Form is still required which will indicate that the student will carry these medications at school.
  2. Medications can only be administered by the designated trained personnel/office staff. Teachers cannot accept any medications from the student or parent.
  3. Parents must bring the medication into the main office, in the original container, with a Canyons Medication Authorization Form, signed by the doctor and the parent.
  4. A new Canyons Medication Authorization Form is required every school year. 

Canyons Medication Authorization Form 

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