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How Do I Help My Child "Master" the Standards on the New Report Card?

The Canyons Board of Education adopted a standards-based grading system for elementary school students, to begin in the 2013-2014 school year. Each student in grades K-5 will receive this new report card. To view specific standards from your child’s report card, as well as links to resources and helpful hints to help your child academically at home, please click on the following link: 



How Do I Help My Child With His/Her Math Homework When I Can't Explain It?

What Do I Do When My Child Forgets His/Her Math Book?

What Do I Do When My Child Says, "That's NOT How Mr./Mrs._________ Explained It!"

What Stories Are They Reading and What Reading Strategies Are They Working On?

These are questions that many of us have had, or even conversations that we have had with our children.  Although we may come up with the same answer when working on a math problem, there may be times when your child is confused or frustrated because the way their teacher explained it to them is different than the way you are trying to explain it.  This does NOT mean that you are wrong, or the teacher is wrong, it simply means that we each have different and unique ways of solvng problems.  If you ever run into this problem, you now have a very powerful resource at your fingertips.  Both the reading and math books that your child is using at school, as well as all of the short video clips their teacher uses to explain the concepts, are online and available for you to view with your child 24 hours a day.  Teachers also have the ability to assign homework on this site, which means they can access and complete their work at home.  Teachers may even administer unit tests on this site.  This allows you as the parent to log in and specifically see how your child did on that particular test or assignment.  Below you will find a .pdf document that walks you through the website step by step with screenshots.  You will also find the web address, the username, and the password for all students.

Pearson Realize Envision Math & Reading Street.pdf


Username:  Student ID (your child may have this memorized...if not, please contact his/her teacher for this number)

Password:  core@csd

 NEW!!!  Realize Platform Your child can access their Reading Street and Envision account.  


What Do I Need to Know About Online Safety for My Child?

Canyons School District and Lone Peak Elementary are genuinely concerned about all that your children may be exposed to on the Internet.  As times have changed, the way our children communicate with their peers has changed dramatically and often times we do not understand the jargon and bantor.  Students have also found a way to use modern technology to bully and treat others disrepectfully.   For specific information about this increasing problem, as well as links to resources and helpful hints to help your child safe online, please click on the following links:

Lunch Schedule

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Lunch Schedule

All Day Kindergarten /

First Grade

Recess: 12:15 - 12:35

Lunch:  12:35 - 12:55

Second Grade

Recess: 11:55 - 12:15

Lunch:  12:15 - 12:35

Third Grade

Recess: 11:35 - 11:55

Lunch:  11:55 - 12:15

Fourth Grade

Recess: 11:15 - 11:35

Lunch:  11:35 - 11:55

Fifth Grade

Recess: 12:35 - 12:55

Lunch:  12:55 - 1:15

Chinese Immersion

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Grade Levels:

 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade

Informational Video about Immersion

History at Lone Peak:

Lone Peak Elementary established their Chinese Immersion Program during the 2009 - 2010 school year with 50 students. Since then we have added 56 more students each year and currently have Chinese Immersion classrooms in first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grades.  Roughly 270 students of our 700 student body is participating in our immersion program.  We have found a tremendous amount of success and are very proud of what our students have accomplished over the last few years.  School officials from all over the United States as well as officials from France, Korea, the Fiji Islands, and many other locations have traveled here to see what we accomplishing each day. We have also had local reporters, The New York Times, and Time Magazine here to do stories on our program and immersion in general.  Our teachers truly have made this program one worth celebrating.

Information and FAQ:

Who Can Participate?:
 Admittance into the immersion program here at Lone Peak and throughout Canyons District is done through a lottery system managed by Canyons School District.  Students enter into the immersion program in 1st grade and remain in the program here at Lone Peak through 5th grade.  Your child will then continue participating in the dual language program in middle school.  

Parent Information Meeting:  If you are curious about the immersion program here at Lone Peak, or any of the programs throughout Canyons District, please attend the parent information meeting on October 24, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.  The meeting is a general meeting about immersion programs and provides you answers to many of the questions you may have as well as the opportunity to ask school administrators specific questions about their programs.  The meeting will be held at the district office near Jordan Commons - 9361 South 300 East.

Application Process:  Each year, the application window typically opens at the end of September and typically closes the third week of November.  The lottery window for the 2019-2020 school year runs from October 8, 2018 to November 21, 2018.  Visit this website for applications and other information regarding dual language immersion in Canyons School District.

School and district personnel will determine the number of spaces that will be available for in-boundary students, as well as spaces for out-of-boundary students. The number of spaces available in each category is based on the school’s enrollment capacity and may be different at each school, depending on the needs of the school to maintain the traditional and dual immersion programs.  In the lottery process, special consideration will be given to:

  • Students with a sibling already in the DI program.  
  • Students with parents that work on staff at the DI school. 
  • Students that speak, read and write the target language at an appropriate level of proficiency (as determined by a  proficiency screening).    
  • Students who are transferring from an out-of-district comparable dual language immersion program.

Right for My Child?:  This is a decision that needs to be made within your family and done for each child.  Although this program may be perfect for one of your children, it may not be the best for your other child.  Consider each child individually and speak to his/her kindergarten teacher.  However, dual language immersion programs may not be an appropraite educational option for children experiencing significant communication delays in their primary language.

Typical Immersion Day: 

Grades 1 - 3:

  • Students in grades 1-3 spend half of their day studying math, Chinese literacy and other content areas (science, social studies, P.E., art, music) in their target language of Chinese.  They spend the other half of their day studying language arts, and receiving math reinforcement, as well as studying the other content areas listed above in English.

Daily Schedule Pie Chart - Grades 1-3

Grades 4 & 5:

  • Students in grades 4 and 5 spend half of their day studying Chinese literacy, and receive math reinforcement, as well as studying the other content areas (science, social studies, P.E., art, music) in thier target language of Chinese.  They spend the other half of their day studying math and language arts in English and also receive instruction in other content areas.

Daily Schedule Pie Chart - Grades 4&5


 Chinese Immersion - 1st Grade

 Ms. Tamara Sharova
 Ms. Julie Deng
 801-826-8650  801-826-8650


 Chinese Immersion - 2nd Grade

 Mrs. Jiayu Zhong
 Mrs. Megan Meier
 801-826-8650  801-826-8650
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Chinese Immersion - 3rd Grade

 Mrs. Jiajie Wu
 Mrs. Katie Redd
 801-826-8650  801-826-8650

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Chinese Immersion - 4th Grade

 Mrs. Patty Chung
 Mrs. Michele Micklesen
 801-826-8650  801-826-8650

Class Website - Mrs. Chung

 Chinese Immersion - 5th Grade

 Ms. Penny Wu
Mrs. Sarah Baird
 801-826-8650  801-826-8650





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PASSWORDS for Raz-Kids:  Parents, we have heard some concern and frustration regarding the Raz-Kids program due to not knowing how to set up a password for your child so that other children cannot access their accounts.  It is unfortunate that this has even happened and we do apologize if your child's account was accessed by another student and their points were used on the site without their knowledge or consent.  There is a way of fixing this and getting your child's "stars" (points) back.  Click here for the tutorial on how to do this:   Star Theft Resolution Video

As for creating a password for your child to prevent this in the future, please click here for this tutorial video:  Parent Access and Password Video



Dear Parents,

We are very excited to announce that we will continue with our after school home reading program for your children currently attending Lone Peak Elementary. It is an Internet based program and you will have access to everything you need via the Internet. If you do not have access to the Internet in your home, you may always use the public library computers if necessary. However, we want to stress that this is not a required program, nor something your child has to do. With that being said, we strongly encourage you to have your children participate because we believe it will not only help them practice their reading skills, but also help to improve their fluency and comprehension. The program is called Raz Kids.

One really nice feature of this program is that it does not require you as a parent to keep track of reading minutes. You simply need to help them log on, and they are able to do the rest. The program itself also has a fun incentive program built into it. Those students who have used this program before thoroughly enjoy the built-in incentives as well. 

The username your child needs to use to log on is included below. This username attaches them to their current teacher. If you have any problems logging on, feel free to email your teacher for the information or look on our website. You can email your child’s teacher by using the following email format:  firstname(dot)lastname@canyonsdistrict(dot)orgYou may also create a username and password specific for your child if you choose to do so to protect their information and the points/stars they earn.
When your child logs in to Raz Kids, they will have access to a number of books that are currently on the grade specific reading levels. They will be able to advance to other levels as they complete and pass off the current level. They will not be able to access books above their level, or advance to another level, until after they complete all the requirements on the current level.  Requirements consist of listening and following along for modeled fluency, reading on their own for practice, and then taking a comprehension quiz. They must get 100% on their comprehension test to move on. They can take the test as many times as necessary until they do get 100%.

We look forward to your child participating in this program with us and believe that it will benefit them tremendously. Please see below for step-by-step instructions on how to log on, as well as your child’s current username. Again, we cannot stress enough that this is not a required program, nor is it one that is graded.  Although the information found on this page is long and lengthy, we can assure you that it really is simple and will benefit your child greatly.


McKay Robinson

Dear Parent,

CONGRATULATIONS! Your child has access to a wonderful world of books through www.raz-kids.coman online library of exciting reading materials. Raz-Kids helps students improve their reading skills.

Here is how to access the website and your child’s reading assignment from any computer connected to the Internet.

1.     Go to

2.     Type in the teacher’s username and click go

           a.     See your teacher specific letter that came home, visit our website, or email your teacher for the information (2013-2014 year teacher)

3.     Find your child’s name and/or symbol on the chart and click on their name or symbol

4.     Choose a book and listen, read, and then take the quiz. 

           a.     Your child can earn stars after each completed task to use on raz-kids

As an added bonus, any reading your child does on Raz-Kids will count as minutes toward the incentives and fake money the PTA has provided.

Remember, the more your child reads, the better reader he or she will become!


McKay Robinson


MaryAnn Moon - AM   mmoono
MaryAnn Moon - PM   mmoonp
Jane Butters   jbutters
Crystal Waters - AM   cwatersx
Crystal Waters - PM   cwaterspm
   1st Grade
Claudia Petersen   cpeterseny
Diane Bringhurst   dbringhurst
Darlene Schultz   dschultzw
Julie Deng   jdenga
Michelle Hamilton   mhamiltonaaa
   2nd Grade
Megan Meier   mmeierh
Patty Chung   pchungd
Susan Carlisle   scarlislef
Mekelle Hogensen   mtolman
Taralee Schick   thudsonp
Hattie Hope   hhope0
   3rd Grade
Alisa Wu   awuf
Heather Wright   hwrightx
Jennifer Florez   jfloreza
Ann Sherman    sherman3
Katie Redd    katieredd2010
   4th Grade
Andrea Jacobs   ajacobso
Cindy Norris   cnorrisz
Peiru Hsieh   phsieh0
Michele Mickelsen   mmickelsen
Tammie Todd   ttoddj
5th Grade
Sarah Baird   sbaird0
Rocky Chen   rchen3
Susan Colledge   scolledge
Roger Jerman   rjerman
Corbi Van Wagoner    cvanwagoner 

Educational Links

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Websites listed under "educational links" found under the student life tab are not affiliated with Lone Peak Elementary or Canyons School District.  They are simply educational resources that we have found to be useful.  If you find anything that is questionable or inappropriate in any way, please contact us so we can remove the link.

NEW!!!  Realize Platform Your child can access their Reading Street and Envision account.  Your child can practice their math facts in a timed test!  See where they need to improve - then print worksheets on your child's level for added help!

Search Engines



Social Studies





Ask Jeeves for Kids


NASA for Kids

50 States

Kid's Click

A+ Math

Kid's Health

Utah For Kids

Education World

Count Us In

Kid's Domain Science

United Nations Cyber Schoolbus

Teach R Kids Math
(online timed tests)

Animal Planet

National Geographic for Kids


(online math drills)

Discovery Channel

CIA Factbook
Country Reports

Surf Safely

Rainforest Math

America Zoo

U.S. Mint for Kids

Cyber Slueth-Kids

Cool Math 4Kids

Utah Museum of Natural History

White House for Kids

Fact Monster

Figure This!

Utah Children's Museum

BYU Museum of People & Cultures

  Virtual Manipulatives    
  Cool Math Sites    
References & Magazines

Early Learning


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Awesome Library


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Between the Lions

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Newbery Medal Books


Kid's Castle from the Smithsonian

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Notable Children's Books 2007

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Reading Rainbow

Children's Literature Association of Utah

Grammar Gorillas


Planet Book Club for Kids

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Seussville University


Educational Technology K-2 | Educational Technology 3-5

Educational Technology 6-8 | Curriculum Resources