School-Wide Management Plan

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Dear Parents and Guardians,


Lone Peak Elementary staff is dedicated to making this school a more positive and uplifting place of learning.  To guide them through this process, our building leadership team worked on and created a school wide management plan that focuses on positive reinforcement rather than punishment or consequences.  This school wide management system is based on what we are calling the Excellent Eagles’ Big 3.  The Big 3 are, Respect, Responsibility, and Safety.  The building leadership team met and discussed what the big 3 looked and sounded like in every area of the building and established a matrix that is linked at the bottom of this page.  During the first week of school, every child went with their grade levels to different areas of the building where they were taught what the Big 3 look and sound like in the respective areas.  The response from our students was great and we are excited that the expectations are very clear, simple, and were explicitly taught to every child and adult in the building.  Not only were they taught the first week of school, but will be taught continuously throughout the year.

Positive recognition of students who demonstrate The Excellent Eagles’ Big 3 is vital.  Students are honored through Red Tickets and Red Ticket Drawings, which works in the following manner:


  • Each week teachers and staff will each give  “Excellent Eagle Tickets” to students who demonstrate respect, responsibility, and safety in an area of the school.


  • Students will make a brief phone call home when they receive an “Excellent Eagle Ticket” to tell you the good news.


  • At the end of the day, students visit with Ms. Stacy and turn in their red tickets.


  • Each month at Principal's Pride, 20 red tickets are drawn.  Those students get to participate in a celebration or reward.


  • Then the fun starts all over again.


We will also continue using the “Lone Peak White Slip” forms for those behaviors that are inappropriate.  If your child receives a white slip, your child will bring it home and it will inform you of their behavior and will be used for tracking their behavior this year.  We ask that you sign and return the form the day after it is received.  Your child’s teacher will contact you for minor violations, and both your child’s teacher and/or an administrator will contact you for major or severe violations.  In accordance with Canyons School District Policy AS67 NEG, there is a possibility that your child may be suspended from school for major violations or repeated violations.


We are excited about this program and are thrilled about how our students have responded thus far.  We believe that with your cooperation and support, we can create a safe and inviting environment where learning will take place on a daily basis.



Ms.  Tracy Stacy


Lone Peak's Big 3 Matrix