Classroom Dojo and PBIS

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How does Lone Peak Elementary teach students about school-wide expectations?

Students are taught school-wide expectations in the first days of school as well as throughout the year when necessary.  Lone Peak staff worked together to determine behavior expectations in each shared area of the school.  The expectations are stated positively and are posted in each area.  At the beginning of each year, all students travel to each area and the expectations are taught and practiced.  All school-wide expectations fit into the Lone Peak Big 3: Respect, Responsibility and Safety.

 How are students rewarded for following The Big 3?

Students are rewarded through specific praise (e.g. "Thank you for walking down the hallway and showing you are safe.") and with Classroom Dojo Points.  Classroom Dojo is an App which allows parents and teachers to communicate easily.  In Classroom Dojo, you can see how many Dojo points your student has, recieve messages from the teacher, and some teachers use the app for classroom posts (much like facebook but only viewable by members of the class), and for a student work portfolio.  Each month, the school has different Dojo contest and gives prizes to the winners of these contests. (e.g. The class with the most Respect points.)

How can parents help?

Feel free to praise students for the behaviors seen on the matrix below if you are at school.  

Join your students' Dojo Classroom.

Ask your students about ways in which they showed the Big Three at school today.